Community Involvement

Keith gives back to community by sponsoring youth teams, coaching and sitting on boards for sports organizations, community events and charity golf tournaments.

NASC Super Six
Town Of Whitby – Town Carnival

About Us

The Journey

Welcome to Bretzky’s II , I am Keith Hales Founder. Let me take a moment to provide you with a little background regarding my Journey. After a successful career in retail management, I decided to leave the Corporate structure to spend more time with my young family, and start a Business Bretzky’s Team & Corporate Outfitters. My Eldest son is Brett and was nicknamed Bretzky by his grandmother. That is simply put where the name comes from. I have been working in the service industry since 1981 when a very kind family business Vieveen’s Nursery was good enough to provide me with a part time job over the summers. It is there that I quickly learned the value of servicing customers and what my time and assets were worth. Bill & Gale took me in allowed me to participate in all parts of their business, and family to this day. For this I am truly grateful, and will always remember 1 conversation that Bill and I had regarding my using the company Truck for a personal task / my parents. Bill, simply looked and me said let’s see The cost of the truck per day is this, cost of operator is this, cost of wages to do this is this, etc…. But that all being said you are worth it, we appreciate your work and efforts do another good job. I have never forgot the importance of knowing the value of not only the assets involved but the people and how they should be serviced. I have always considered it a privilege to be part of everyone’s life, however small it may be what I do is important, and the service required is a valued one. Thru the transition from Bretzky’s Team & Corporate Outfitters to Spirit Sportswear / Bretzky’s Inc. and now to Bretzky’s II I shave always valued the worked ethic instilled upon me by both parents. Dad who has run his own contracting business and hobby Farm , and Mom who has been a successful Insurance Broker serving their clients for over 50 years now. Should you choose to have Bretzky’s involved in your project,you can be sure that we will do our very best to ensure you are on time & budget with quality merchandise. The nature of our business is to recognize that this may be 5% of your job description and 95% of your headaches, we are to be the Aspirin required to make the process stress free.

What you can expect

At Bretzky’s II we understand that there are a lot of companies that do what we do. In order to be on top we have to do 2 things – offer competitive, to better than competitive pricing and then add services. That is what we do!

Some of the unique services we offer are:

a) Art approvals – all orders are proofed out prior to production to ensure the detailing is correct and to instill confidence in our customers that they are getting what they want.
b) Online ordering programs for leagues, schools and businesses
c) Orders packaged by team and player, or class and student for easy distribution
d) We generate your order forms
e) On and off premises fittings
f) Better than industry standard turnaround